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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

News from the Pitcairn Islands Study Center, California, USA

We have recently put up a Memorial Plaque in the Pitcairn Islands Study Center that will name, friends; friends of Pitcairn; friends of Pitcairners, and also Pitcairners themselves to be honored and remembered on a permanent basis.  The plaque is being displayed in the most heavily traveled part of the Study Center, so all who come to study or visit will see these whose lives and memories are held dear.  Barbara Kuchau, the list mum of Friends of Pitcairn, has taken the first memorial tab on the plaque to honor her late husband.

Both the name of the honored one, and of the one giving the honor will appear on each memorial tab.  The Memorial Plaque is a sponsored one with each sponsorship being U.S.$100.00.  This covers the initial production of the plaque itself, of the engraving of the memorial tab, and the remainder amount going to the Endowment Fund which the Study Center is currently engaged in.

We are now doing a photographic log as it were of every sea-going vessel calling at Pitcairn (save the time-and-again calls of Claymore II, the island’s supply vessel.  Pitcairner Brian Young is unlimbering his camera at each calling vessel and providing these photographs to us.  They appear under our “Transportation” pages, and we give as much information about the call as we can quickly put together to go with the photograph.

In the Pitcairn store we are going to be adding several items soon:  The first new items will be Pitcairn tapa for sale.  This throwback to earlier Pitcairn life (among the Polynesian women and their more or less immediate descendants) is provided to us by Meralda Warren, and her young disciples she is teaching this long and laborious work with the bark of the mulberry tree.  A second new offering of the Study Center store will be T-shirts showing the Center’s name and various Pitcairn-Bounty related illustrations.  These are being supplied to us by one of my former students here at Pacific Union College, who currently owns/operates a large sign company in the U.S. state of Idaho.  Soon we’ll be adding the sale of Pitcairn honey, and Pitcairn crafts may follow if we can work out a fairly guaranteed supply line for them.  So the Study Center store grows.

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